mFitplane Function Call

Function Arguments

/*                                                                       */
/*  mFitplane                                                            */
/*                                                                       */
/*  Montage is a set of general reprojection / coordinate-transform /    */
/*  mosaicking programs.  Any number of input images can be merged into  */
/*  an output FITS file.  The attributes of the input are read from the  */
/*  input files; the attributes of the output are read a combination of  */
/*  the command line and a FITS header template file.                    */
/*                                                                       */
/*  This module, mFitplane, is used in conjuction with mDiff and         */
/*  mBgModel to determine how overlapping images relate to each          */
/*  other.  It is assumed that difference images have matching structure */
/*  information and that what is left when you difference them is just   */
/*  the relative offsets, slopes, etc.  By fitting the difference image, */
/*  we obtain the 'correction' that needs to be applied to one or the    */
/*  other (or in part to both) to bring them together.                   */
/*                                                                       */
/*   char  *input_file     FITS file for plane fitting                   */
/*   int    levelOnly      Only fit for level difference not a full      */
/*                         plane with slopes                             */
/*   int    border         Exclude a pixel border from the fitting       */
/*   int    debug          Debugging output level                        */
/*                                                                       */

struct mFitplaneReturn *mFitplane(char *input_file, int levelOnly, int border, int debug)

Return Structure

struct mFitplaneReturn
   int    status;        // Return status (0: OK, 1:ERROR)
   char   msg [1024];    // Return message (for error return)
   char   json[4096];    // Return parameters as JSON string
   double a;             // Plane fit coefficient for X axis.
   double b;             // Plane fit coefficient for Y axis.
   double c;             // Plane fit constant offset.
   double crpix1;        // X-axis pixel coordinate for center of region.
   double crpix2;        // Y-axis pixel coordinate for center of region.
   double xmin;          // Minimum X-axis value.
   double xmax;          // Maximum X-axis value.
   double ymin;          // Minimum Y-axis value.
   double ymax;          // Maximum Y-axis value.
   double xcenter;       // Center X location.
   double ycenter;       // Center Y location.
   int    npixel;        // Total number of pixels fit.
   double rms;           // RMS of fit (pixels with large offset values were excluded in fit).
   double boxx;          // Rectanguar bounding box X center.
   double boxy;          // Rectanguar bounding box Y center.
   double boxwidth;      // Rectanguar bounding box width.
   double boxheight;     // Rectanguar bounding box height.
   double boxang;        // Rectanguar bounding box rotation angle.