mDAGTbls is primarily a utility for mDAG. In normal Montage processing, one can build support files as you go: retrieve a set of images from an archive, then make a list of the images retrieved; reproject the images, then make a list of the successfully reprojected images; etc.

To support a workflow manager which plans processing using an up-front Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) you need to have pre-determined all of this, plus which image will overlap (for background matching). You don't have to be completely right (some overlaps may end up empty or some images may have no real data in the region of interest) but you need to build a complete superset. mDAGTbls does part of this. Based on a raw image list, it determines as best it can the image lists (raw images in the region of interest from larger list of images we have, projected and corrected lists from that). mOverlaps can build the difference list from the raw list.

We document this here since the same analysis may be of use for planning other than in mDAG.

mDAGTbls images.tbl region.hdr rimages.tbl pimages.tbl cimages.tbl


The set of images we have. For instance, a set download via mArchiveList/mArchiveGet and often a superset of what we are interested in for a specific mosaic.
A FITS header template file. This is used to determine the region of interest for this run.
The "raw" (input) image we will use in this run.
The corresponding projected image list.
The corresponding background-corrected image list.
If successful, the three output image lists will be created. NOTE: It is assumed that the actual raw, reprojected and background-corrected images will be kept in separate directories, so the file names in these tables are identical.


mDAGTbls images.tbl region.hdr rimages.tbl pimages.tbl cimages.tbl
[struct stat="OK", count="48", total="48"]

Return Codes:

  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Cannot open status file: filename"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Usage: mDAGTbls [-d][-s statusfile] images.tbl hdr.template raw.tbl projected.tbl corrected.tbl"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Invalid image metadata file: tblfile"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Not enough information to determine coverages (CDELTs or CD matrix)"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Need columns: cntr ctype1 ctype2 nl ns crval1 crval2 crpix1 crpix2 cdelt1 cdelt2 crota2 fname (equinox optional)"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Invalid output metadata file: tblfile"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Bad WCS for image integer"]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="Output wcsinit() failed."]
  • [struct stat="ERROR", msg="general error message"]