mViewer generates a JPEG image file from a FITS file (or a set of three FITS files in full color). A data range for each image can be defined, and the data can be stretched by any power of the log() function (including zero: linear) or using custom gaussian histogram equalization algorithms. Pseudo-color color tables can be applied in single-image mode.
mViewer can also generate overlays on the image of coordinate grids, source catalogs (with scaled symbols), image outlings from metadata tables, plus various markers and labels.
Along with a few other Montage modules, mViewer can be wrapped to support interactive image analysis from Python or through AJAX web interfaces.
The functionality of mViewer goes beyond what is reasonable to capture in a man page. The user is therefore directed to the mViewer documentation suite.


To create a grayscale image from a FITS file:

   mViewer -ct 1 -gray SDSS_r.fits -1s max gaussian-log -png SDSS_r.png

To create a full color image from three co-registered FITS files:

   mViewer \
   -blue     /SDSS_u.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -green    /SDSS_g.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -red      /SDSS_r.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -png      SDSS_Color.png

A complex example with a catalog overlay (symbol size, shape and color controled by table columns), image metadata, a coordinate grid and some custom labeling:

   mViewer \
   -color    ffff00 \
   -symbol   1.0 circle \
   -scalecol j_m 16.0 mag \
   -catalog  fp_2mass.tbl \
   -color    red \
   -imginfo  irspeakup.tbl \
   -color    cyan \
   -imginfo  mipssed.tbl \
   -blue     /SDSS_u.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -green    /SDSS_g.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -red      /SDSS_r.fits -0.5s max gaussian-log \
   -png      SDSS_ColorOverlays.png