User-Contributed Software

This page contains links to software developed by the Montage user community that enhances or extends Montage's functionality. Please note that user-contributed software is not covered by the Caltech End User Agreement, nor is it supported by Montage. All questions and feedback should be forwarded to the contact person associated with the program.


Thomas Robitaille (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) has written a small Python function that provides a Python API to Montage, including both functions to access individual Montage commands, and high-level functions to facilitate mosaicking and reprojecting. The module takes care of setting up the directories and cleaning up afterwards, so users only need to specify a directory containing the input files to mosaic, the header to use (or let it choose the header automatically), and the output filename.

Download link:

DSS Pleiades Mosaic Bash Script

Inseok Song (University of Georgia) provided a bash script for creating a mosaic of the Pleiades from online Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2) data.

Download link: The script and a tutorial for running it is located on the IRSA Web site.

C-shell Scripts

These C-shell scripts, contributed by Colin Aspin (University of Hawaii), take parameters from the command line and then run a set of Montage modules to make mosaics of 2MASS, DSS and SDSS images and a full-color JPEG for a region of the sky. The scripts will prompt the user to provide any necessary parameters that are not initially provided.

Download link: See the documentation page created for this software.

Got Software?

If you have developed a script or utility that extends Montage functionality that you'd like to have listed here, please contact Montage through the GitHub Issues Montage page.

Please provide the following information:

  • Contact person's name and home institution
  • Contact person's email address
  • A brief description of the software, and what it does
  • Web address for downloading the software
  • Links to any supporting documentation

A member of the Montage staff will contact you once your information is received.