mViewer and Python (beta)

Montage mViewer

The Montage toolkit provides a broad array of tools for manipulating astronomical images and in particular supports mapping between projections and coordinate systems, background matching within a set of overlapping images, and mosaicking of large numbers of images into a single view. The Montage mViewer module makes it easy to visualize these images and associated spatial data.

The documentation menu on the left provides details on how to use mViewer in different environments:

  • The mViewer documentation explains how to run the Montage module on the command line, suitable for simple use and in scripts. All mViewer use is based on the command-line modules, so this is required reading.
  • The mViewer and Python section describes the beta release of a Python wrapper around mViewer for use in the Python programming environment. We plan to also deploy mViewer with Javascript and CGI wrappers as an interactive web service that will support interaction with images.