mViewer and Python (beta)

Montage Viewer: Other Montage Modules

Of course, all of the other Montage modules can be of use when creating the image files that are then sent to mViewer but there are a few that are particulary usefule with regard to presentation:

  • mSubimage/mSubCube mViewer will alway produce a PNG/JPEG of the whole image it is given. To cut out a piece for display, use these tools. This was done for most of the examples on these pages; the original SDSS mosaics used were twice as big in both dimensions.

  • mShrink/mShrinkCube Similarly, mViewer transform one pixel in the FITS files to one display pixel. To changes the scale, use these tools. mShrink can shrink (or expand) the scale by non-integer factors. Alternatively, you can shrink/expand to a target size.
  • mExamine This tool will return overall statistics on an image (e.g., the pixel scale, center coordinates, and so on. This is useful in deciding how to run the above tools and particularly useful in the Python/Web applications based on mViewer.