mViewer and Python (beta)

Montage Viewer: Directive Quick Reference

Directive Examples Description
-gray messier051.fits 1% 99% log Input FITS file for grayscale image
-red jband.fits -2s max gaussian-log Input FITS file for red band of color image
-green hband.fits -2s max gaussian-log Input FITS file for green band of color image
-blue kband.fits -2s max gaussian-log Input FITS file for blue band of color image
-out/png messier051.png Output PNG image
-jpeg messier051.jpg Output JPEG image
-ct 4 Color table ID for grayscale image (see documentation)
-t 1 Color "enhancement" parameter for color images (see documentation)
-nowcs Do not check input FITS files for matching WCS information
-s status.txt Output completion message to status file (used by workflow managers)
-d Turn on debugging output (large and really only for developer use)
-csys Galactic Coordinate system to be used for marker/label placement
-color green
Set current color (used for grid/marks/labels)
-symbol 30p box
2.5s 5 starred 36.
Set current symbol size and shape (use "none" to turn of symbols for multi-labelling)
-grid Equ J2000 Draw an coordinate grid overlay in the current color
-mark 80.89386 -69.7561 Place the current symbol at this location
-label 202.4 47.2 "M 51" Place the label text given at this location
-catalog sdss.tbl Process a table and draw symbols and/or place labels (uses columns ra,dec or lat,lon)
-imginfo irac.tbl Process a table and draw image outlines (uses columns ra1, dec1, ... ra4, dec4)
-colorcol color Column to use for symbol/image outline color
-scalecol vmag 14. mag Column to use for relative symbol scaling and scaling rules
-sizecol galsize Column with symbol sizes (not usually used with the scale column)
-shapecol objtype Column with symbol shapes
-labelcol name Column with text for location labels

Note: Some of the examples use file names (e.g., jband.fits) and some
use table column name (e.g., galsize). These will be different for your data.