Downloading Montage

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Montage is available as a g-zipped tar file. The current version is Montage v3.3. Older versions are also available for download.

Montage Version Download Link
3.3 (current) Montage_v3.3.tar.gz
3.2 beta4 Montage_v3.2_beta4.tar.gz
3.0 Montage_v3.0.tar.gz

See the detailed Change History for a thorough description of updates for each version.

About the Latest Version

Version 3.3 is a major upgrade to Montage. It offers the following important improvements:

Please see the Change History for a complete list. This version is used in operations by the Montage on-request Web service. We recommend all users adopt this version. Versions 3.0 and and 3.2 beta will continue to be supported until April 30, 2011.

To access modules developed by users that work with Montage, see the Contributed Software page. User-contributed software is not covered by the Caltech End User Agreement, nor is it supported by Montage.

Keep Up With Montage

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Version History

Release Version Release Date Major Changes
Montage v3.3 12/14/2010

The following modules have been updated. See the Change History for detailed descriptions.

New Utility:

Updated Modules:

Updated Utilities:

Montage v3.0 1/5/2007 The emphasis has been on solidifying Montage use in a distributed Grid environment to allow the building of large-scale mosaics from 2MASS, SDSS, and DPOSS.

See detailed Change History for a thorough description of updates.
New modules include:

Core Modules: Utilities:
Montage v2.2 7/20/2004 Makefiles have been updated and the CFITSIO library modified (see docs/ExternalLibraries.txt for details) to allow the use of 64-bit addressing (files larger than 2 GByte) on LINUX platforms.
Montage v2.1 7/1/2004 Changes have been made to several modules. The biggest change, however, is the addition of mTANHdr (and associated changed to mProjectPP) which allow the fast reprojection of non-tangent-plane projections if they can be approximated as distorted TAN images.
Montage v2.0.4 3/16/2004 -mAdd no longer allocates the entire output image up front, and so uses even less memory.
-level-only flag has been added to mBgModel.
-New module mShrink added to make scaled versions of an image (e.g. image with pixel scale 5.5 times larger than the original)
-New modules mRadHit and mRadHitExec added to try and remove "radiation hit" type artifacts from original unprojected images by comparing pixel values to local medians.
-New modules mDagTbls and mConcatFit added to aid in GRID computing use of Montage. The first generates a set of tables (lists of images, overlap analysis) for use in setting up a batch processing run. The second combines the output of difference fitting (presumably in this context done via separate threads) into a single table for use by mBgModel.
Montage v2.0.3 2/4/2004 mAdd has been updated to better manage memory and a fast reprojection (plane-to-plane) module has been added (mProjectPP).
Montage v2.0.2 1/13/2004 Fixed several problems with 'boundaries' library (used by mMakeHdr). Also fixed a realloc() bug in mMakeHdr.
Montage v2.0.1 11/25/2003 Fixed background matching (specifically mDiff bug) and made various other minor changes.
Montage v2.0 9/17/2003 Status file option added to all modules to support GRID (Montage-G DAG) processing. Fixed a couple of bugs in mProject: FITS reading was being done incorrectly (which caused occassional error conditions) and pixel "handedness" was sometime computed incorrectly for CD matrices.
Montage v1.7 5/30/03 Corrected defect reports from testing of version 1.6.
Montage v1.6 4/24/03 Added support for DSS projection. Corrected defect reports from testing of version 1.5.
Montage v1.5 04/01/03 Improved handling of command line parameters, using the Unix command getopt(). Path handling in mImgtbl modified to use filenames only; paths are fed in via arguments to individual modules.
Montage v1.4 01/27/03 Background matching improved.
Montage v1.3 10/03/02 Workaround for defect in WCS library affecting cylindrical projections; fix for LINUX defect in svc control library.
Montage v1.2 9/25/02 Ported to Linux
Montage v1.1-beta 7/27/02 Updated pixel overlap to remove repeated (within positional tolerance) points. Otherwise the Girard() calculation gets confused.
Montage v1.0 7/01/02 Initial limited release