Montage API (Version 5.0)

Included in the Montage distribution are a collection of support libraries, some written by us, some external open-source packages. For completeness, we include a list of these libraries here. For the external libraries, newer versions most likely exist but we have not tested them. If you update those libraries and the build or execution fails, please let us know.

Internal Libraries: cmd Simple command-line (substring) parser.
mtbl IPAC ASCII table file reader.
coord Coordinate libary (parser, transforms, etc.)
boundaries Find a bounding box around a set of sky points.
svc Fork/exec child process execution library and return structure parser.
two_plane_v1.1 Specialized fast reprojection routine for the case where both projections are tangent plane.
Written by David Makavoz for the Spitzer Space Telescope project.
Standard Astronomy Libraries: cfitsio-3.25 FITS I/O library.
wcssubs-3.9.0 Extented with routines to support WWT TOAST and HEALPix projections. If you replace this with more recent distributions, these extensions will not be included. FITS World Coordinate System library.
Open Source General Libraries: freetype-2.5.4 String typesetting library.
jpeg-8b JPEG format image writing library.
lodepng_20140823 PNG format image writing library.